Pullix Price Prediction: Is Pullix Legit?

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The article discusses the Pullix Price Prediction and also ‘Is Pullix Legit’. The article also discusses If Pullix is a good investment. Pullix Presale Updates Stage 6 of the Pullix Coin Presale ended and now Stage 7 is live. Over 50% of the coins have already been sold in presale. The current presale token price is $0.10. Presale Start date: Dec 1st, 2023 06:30, Presale End date: Feb 8th, 2024 00:13 Soft/Hard Cap: 2M USDT / 8M USDT A user will receive your tokens in your wallet via an airdrop once the presale finishes. A user will be able to view and keep track of your holdings during the presale via the dashboard. Pullix team expects the presale to sell out and close by the 29th of February 2024 The Pullix team will list the token on exchanges 7 days after the presale concludes. After the launch of the $PLX token on UniSwap, the team will lock the liquidity pool for a period of 24 months to eliminate any possibility of a rug pull. Pullix Crypto Presale: Buy or Not Buy [New] Net Buy Rating = Buy% – Sell% Jan 29th: +75% Feb 1st: +71.4% Pullix Coin Latest News Stage 6 of the Pullix presale has ended. The current price of Pullix in Stage 7 is $0.10. In this stage 10% bonus will be automatically applied to purchase. PULLIX has recently declared the commencement of the Meme Contest, which is anticipated to overshadow all other meme competitions! Participants with the ability to generate uproarious $PLX-themed hilarity are encouraged to showcase their talents for a chance to be generously rewarded. The contender, believing in the supremacy of their memes, is invited to substantiate their claim. The grand prize, a formidable $250 in cold hard cash (to be provided on a prepaid card), awaits the triumphant meme creator, demonstrating the ultimate meme prowess. Secondary prizes of $100 and $50 are also up for grabs for the 2nd and 3rd place winners, respectively. Is Pullix Legit? KYC Verification: Is Pullix KYC Verified? Block Audit has performed the KYC verification of the Pullix contract and provided the KYC verification certification on November 30, 2023. Pullix Team Verification: No information regarding the owner or team member has been listed on the Pullix platform. Pullix Contract Audit The audit of the Pullix Contract was carried out by the InterFi Network. The audit was performed on the different aspects related to the contract and both positives and risks associated with the contract have been listed by the Auditor. Audited Contract Address: 0x1cc7047E15825F639E0752Eb1b89E4225F5327F2 InterFi has performed an automated and manual analysis of the contract. Both centralized and Common Contract Vulnerabilities were audited by the auditor. The Centralized Vulnerabilities include: Token Supply Manipulation Access Control and Authorization Assets Manipulation Ownership Control Liquidity Access Stop and Pause Trading Ownable Library Verification Additionally, the common contract vulnerabilities include: Integer Overflow o Lack of Arbitrary limits Incorrect Inheritance Order Typographical Errors Requirement Violation Gas Optimization Coding Style Violations Re-entrancy Third-Party Dependencies Potential Sandwich Attacks Irrelevant Codes Divide before multiply Conformance to Solidity Naming Guides Compiler Specific Warnings Language Specific Warnings The audit report clearly states that there is no pass or fail in the audit. However, the report mentioned some of the risks associated with the contract. Here are the risks indicated by the audit report: Pullix uses function calls to update the state, which can make it difficult to track and analyze changes to the contract over time. Risk Level: Minor Pullix interacts with third-party protocols e.g., Market Makers, and Open Zeppelin tools. The scope of the audit treats third-party entities as black boxes and assumes their functional correctness. However, in the real world, third parties can be compromised and exploited. Moreover, upgrades in third parties can create severe impacts, e.g., increased transactional fees, deprecation of previous routers, etc. Risk Level: Unknown All of the initially minted assets are sent to the project owner when deploying the contract. This can be an issue as the project owner can distribute tokens without consulting the community. Risk Level: Medium Is Pullix Legit: Reddit Discussion The Reddit discussion on Pullix has been limited but there has been doubt on the legality of the project. A user described the positive aspects of Pullix and also discussed the unique concept of the Pullix exchange it was both centralized and decentralized. However, the user failed to ascertain if the project was legit. The reason behind this is that the same user when questioned about the country of origin of the Pullix platform, about the owner and team of the platform failed to answer. A user also called the platform to be strange as there are no mention of the owner (CEO) or any references about the platform. Pullix Price Prediction 2024: Is PLX a Good Investment? What is Pullix and $PLX? Pullix stands as a novel DeFi protocol pioneering a hybrid exchange model that seamlessly fuses the strengths of centralized and decentralized exchanges into a unified platform. Essentially, Pullix represents an advanced ecosystem, harnessing the security, speed, and execution efficiency of leading exchanges. This innovative approach ensures a smooth and secure trading experience while integrating seamless cryptocurrency transactions. $PLX is a distinctive cryptocurrency asset that plays a crucial role in the Pullix ecosystem by offering traders unprecedented rewards and benefits. Utility of $PLX Coin $PLX serves as a versatile asset within the trading ecosystem, offering traders a range of benefits. Acting as a currency on the trading platform, it facilitates seamless transactions. Additionally, $PLX provides exclusive access to certain assets and trading conditions, heightening its demand. Traders can opt to stake their $PLX, earning lucrative rewards and bonuses in the process. Moreover, $PLX takes center stage in the distribution of rewards, cashbacks, and promotional offers. Its exchangeability allows traders to convert $PLX into other cryptocurrencies or fiat, depending on prevailing market conditions. Notably, $PLX holders enjoy significant reductions in trading fees, with the extent of the discount varying according to the corresponding $PLX holding value, as outlined in the provided table. Pullix Price Prediction 2024: Tokenomics Fixed Supply: 200,000,000 Initial Price: $0.04 Softcap: $5,000,000 Hardcap: $8,000,000 Pullix Price Prediction 2024: Roadmap Phase 1: Pullix sets the groundwork in Phase 1, commencing with the launch of its presale to garner initial support and funding. Simultaneously, the team solidifies its foundation by establishing a dedicated team, defining roles, and initiating a strategic marketing campaign for user awareness. Actively developing and integrating the platform, Pullix aims for a seamless user experience, while also prioritizing legal compliance by acquiring the necessary licenses and permits. Phase 2: Moving into Phase 2, Pullix will expand its accessibility by developing mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms. The introduction of a beta version allows the team to gather valuable feedback and make necessary improvements. The completion of the presale phase ensures participant satisfaction, and the launch of the PLX token on a decentralized exchange (DEX) facilitates trading and liquidity. A robust marketing push aims for virality, expanding the project’s reach and interest. Phase 3: In Phase 3, Pullix will enhance transparency with the launch of a burn dashboard, providing visibility into token-burning mechanisms. The project broadens its trading options and liquidity by listing the token on a centralized exchange (CEX). Pullix further expands operations by securing an additional license or permit, while also initiating a brand ambassador program to foster partnerships and increase visibility. Collaborating with influencers amplifies the marketing reach, and active community engagement, including events and targeted efforts, contributes to user base expansion. Pullix Price Prediction 2024: How to Buy? Step 1: Create an account with Pullix by visiting its official website. Step 2: After creating an account, a user will need to select which cryptocurrency they prefer to use to purchase $PLX. Step 3: Enter the amount of $PLX the user wants to purchase in USD. Step 4: The user will receive a payment address where they need to send the funds. User can copy the address or scan the QR code into their wallet and send it. Once a user sends the payment and the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the $PLX tokens will show up on the user’s dashboard usually 30 minutes after their purchase. Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Stocks or Crypto Coins. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. Also follow us on Twitter

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