Pioneering Human-Like AI Chatbots and Empathy, Poised for Explosive Growth Soon

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Can you provide an overview of your experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly in the context of conversational agents or chatbots?Rezo’s journey in Conversational AI began with revolutionising user experiences through seamless, human-like interactions powered by AI-driven chatbots. Over time, our focus extended to diversify our capabilities in order to encompass voice automation as well. ‘Adaptability’ is a distinctive feature of our approach across industries. We have designed our conversational AI solutions and AI-powered bots in a manner that they can both cater to the distinct needs of various sectors and harmoniously integrate into specific business ecosystems. Today REZO is assisting businesses across multiple voice and non-voice channels in 30+ languages and over 500 dialects whilst coaching and training agents with minimal costs.

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