Sex robots with ‘AI torso movement’ respond to lovers ‘just like a human would’

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Sex robots that use AI torso movement are in development and will respond verbally just like a human would, it is claimed.

Brick Dollbanger (alias), who has close ties with sex robot manufacturer RealDoll, claims the AI (artificial intelligence) manufacturer is also working on ‘moveable limbs’. He says the upgrade will use sensory AI technology to figure out a customer’s movement, before moving their own robot torsos to mimic a real-life romp.

And the California resident, who has an extensive collection of his own, claims the dolls will even respond verbally to human touch. Dollbanger told Daily Star: “They were working on moveable limbs. They were working on torso movement during sex, to be triggered by sexual play.

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“They were using pneumatics, electronics. But it’s very difficult for silicone because constant movement wears through the silicone so it’s trying to protect silicone at the joints is a difficult problem. The torso movement uses sensory AI technology that will figure out what your movements. When you’re having sex they will move their torsos much like a human woman would.

“They are experimenting with putting sensors in the breasts and buttocks. They are still doing that but with a very small staff. Harmony will have torso movement. The sensors would be more or less for touch, so they know where you’re touching, and they would respond verbally.

“I spoke with them around a month ago, and they said they are making it but just slowly. It’s difficult.” Harmony is the flagship sex robot model from RealDoll, which sets users back by $6149 (£5024).

The company, which has moved from California to Las Vegas following disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, gives customers a choice of hair colour, breast size and even eye colour. Harmony even offers up facial expressions and can talk to users, who can control the whole experience using an app downloaded to their phones.

Previously, Dollbanger said sex robots could one day use algorithm that would give humans the best sex of their lives. He said: “If sex robots are installed with algorithm, learning your likes and your dislikes, then I don’t know that it wouldn’t be the best sex of your life.

“They could figure out what you really want by responding to physical touch and learning. Without emotion, that’s down to opinion. “But it can anticipate what some of your responses would be and it can work from that. That’s the connection humans seek, that soul person that’s just like you and understands you – and it can be that.”

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