Spotify reportedly launching new “Supremium” tier with more features

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The new feature will reportedly come at a higher price for users

Spotify are reportedly set to launch a new ‘Supremium’ tier that contains extra features for higher prices.

A report in The Independent say the new tier will cost twice the current price at $19.99 (£16.33) and that it will offer lossless audio – a feature currently offered on Apple Music for free.

The tier will also reportedly include new statistics about listening, a new audiobook feature as well as AI playlist generation tools. The Independent say the changes have been noted by technology expert Chris Messina, who, according to the publication, “found mentions of the update with Spotify.”

The new audiobook feature has already been rolled out and it allows users to stream up to 15 hours of audiobooks for free each month.

The streaming platform rolled out the new feature in the UK and Australia earlier this week (October 3), and are set to bring it over to users in the US by the end of the year. Spotify first began introducing audiobooks to its library in September last year. However, they were never offered to users for free, and even premium subscribers had to pay individually for each title.

The new update for audiobooks is just one of the new features that Spotify has been rolling out this year. Just last month, the platform launched Showcase – a new tool which allows artists to pay to have their music promoted on the site’s homepage.

AI has also been seen on Spotify recently via the use of an AI DJ that automatically selects and introduces songs and a feature that allows people to listen to podcasts in other languages with AI voices.

In other Spotify news, last month the company’s boss, Daniel Ek, weighed in on the controversial debate about the use of artificial intelligence in music – confirming that the streaming service has no plans to completely ban AI-generated content.

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