Tech startup launches its first pre-seed investment round and aims to raise EUR 300,000

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Romanian tech startup, which offers the world’s first AI team coaching solution, opens its first round of investment, pre-seed, with a funding target of EUR 300,000. The opening of the investment round takes place 18 months after the start of the project and comes after an initial investment of almost EUR 300,000, of which EUR 180,000 came from its own funds and €120,000 from a grant offered by the Norwegian Government in the EEA Grants Norway 2014-2021 programme under the SME Growth Programme Romania.

The initial investment in the development of the AI solution, NLP (Natural Language Processing), was directed into R&D and involved training AI and ML models based on more than 3,000 online team sessions, annotated by team coaching professionals, testing and product validation.

Funds attracted in the new funding round will be directed towards scaling solution internationally.

“ is a global project that can be adopted by any English-speaking remote team. It is a tool that will revolutionise team collaboration and every interaction so far between and organisations, both private and academic, actions that confirms us the potential of the solution. We enter this investor attraction sprint process with extremely promising feedback from the contributor campaign launched two weeks ago. More than 30 companies have already signed up for the public beta and are ready to contribute to the project’s evolution, alongside AI and organisational science researchers. We are confident that this momentum will bring us into partnership with strategic angel investors and venture capital funds, eager to influence the changes AI is bringing to the work world. We are already in advanced discussions to appoint the lead investor for this round. The funds we raise will be directed towards global expansion and refinement of our product”, says Ruxandra Cord, co-founder of solution was developed by a team of more than 20 specialists, including team coaching professionals, artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers and software developers. The Natural Language Technologies Research Center of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Bucharest is also a partner in the development of the product.

The company is currently in discussions to initiate a long-term collaboration with an AI venture studio based in Oslo, Norway, to serve as its internal R&D division. is co-founded by two pioneers in their fields: Ruxandra Cord (Romania) and Mike Dinescu (US). Their combined expertise provides a revolutionary AI Team Coach solution that bridges the gap between technology and effective team dynamics.

Ruxandra Cord is a graduate of Maastricht School of Management and has over 6 years of experience in systemic team coaching. As a team coach, she supports remote companies in strengthening globally spread teams. With a career of more than 15 years in communication and crisis management, Ruxandra has gained in-depth insight into various leadership approaches in different cultures. This knowledge, together with her skills related to remote team dynamics, has been the basis for the development of the innovative AI team coach solution.

With over 15 years of solid experience as a Full-Stack software engineer and a talent for tackling BigData challenges, Mike Dinescu has made significant contributions to industry giants such as Amazon, Motorola, GE Medical. His expertise in large-scale software development, combined with his ability to find cost-effective strategies, is a driving force behind platform technology.

Through the AI team coaching solution it has developed, aims to change the way remote teams collaborate during online meetings by identifying patterns in team dynamics and making personalized coaching recommendations. (the Coaching Results Driven AI) uses machine learning algorithms and analyses the conversational patterns of employees during online team meetings. It then provides personalized coaching recommendations to help employees be more productive and have more effective meetings. The solution is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, mainly operating in dynamic industries such as IT&C and MarCom (Marketing & Communication), which are the sectors recruiting the most remote employees in 2023.

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