The Top 10 Projects On Cloud Computing For CSE Students – TOP 10

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The world of technology has completely changed with the advent of cloud computing, which is now a necessary component of enterprises and organizations everywhere. Computer science engineering (CSE) students have a fantastic opportunity to obtain practical experience by working on cloud computing projects, as the need for cloud-based solutions continues to grow. These projects offer a plethora of professional opportunities in addition to imparting practical expertise. The top ten cloud computing projects that CSE students might work on to improve their abilities and differentiate themselves in the cutthroat tech sector are discussed in this article.

Cloud-Based Data Analytics

These days, data analytics is an essential component of any organization. Students studying computer science can design a project that focuses on real-time data analysis using cloud computing. Cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud can be effectively utilized for data processing, storing, and analysis. You will learn the principles of data processing and become acquainted with a variety of data visualization tools through this assignment.

Cloud -Based Chatbots

Creating cloud-based chatbots is a popular project that combines artificial intelligence and cloud computing. These chatbots can be used as virtual assistants, information retrievers, or even customer service representatives. You can gain practical experience with AI and cloud computing by using cloud services like AWS Lex or Dialogflow for hosting and administering chatbot applications.

Serverless Computing

With the help of cutting-edge cloud technology called serverless computing, you can concentrate on developing code rather than worrying about server infrastructure. Building extremely scalable and economical applications is something you can learn to do by developing serverless apps on services like AWS Lambda. For individuals who want to learn about the advantages of cloud-native architecture, this project is ideal.

Cloud-Based IoT Application

The field of Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing tremendous expansion. Cloud-based IoT projects are available for CSE students to work on. These projects entail creating applications to gather, handle, and display data from IoT devices. The ability to construct IoT solutions with full support from cloud platforms like AWS IoT and Azure IoT makes this project invaluable for comprehending the interplay between cloud computing and IoT.

Cloud Security Solutions

When employing cloud services, cloud security is a major problem for enterprises. Students might investigate projects that entail creating and putting into practice cloud security solutions. This could involve leveraging cloud security solutions like AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Azure Security Center to monitor systems, create access rules, and encrypt data. Such initiatives help to protect digital assets in the cloud and offer a thorough grasp of security.

Cloud-Based E-Commerce Platform

An ambitious project that gives CSE students the chance to work on front-end development, databases, and cloud hosting is building a cloud-based e-commerce platform. You will acquire important web development experience as well as knowledge about the scalability and dependability provided by cloud providers by implementing your platform on cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-Native Mobile Apps

Cloud-native apps have grown in popularity among those who design mobile apps. Students can create mobile apps with features like data storage, real-time updates, and user authentication that significantly rely on cloud services. You may get insights on cloud integration with mobile technologies by building these cloud-native mobile apps with platforms like Firebase or AWS Mobile Hub.

Clouds-Based Virtual Machines

Cloud computing requires an understanding of virtual machines and virtualization. Working on a project that entails setting up and maintaining virtual machines on a cloud platform like Azure Virtual Machines or AWS EC2 can give you practical expertise with infrastructure like cloud deployment and code.

Cloud-Based Data Recovery and Backup

Businesses may suffer greatly from data loss, but cloud computing provides reliable backup and recovery options. Students can work on projects that entail utilizing services like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage to construct cloud-based data backup and recovery systems. This project highlights the value of data resiliency in the cloud while simultaneously teaching data management.

Developing Games on the Cloud

Game developers will find that making cloud-based games is an exciting project. Online game updates, storage, and multiplayer experiences can all be improved with cloud computing. Using tools like Microsoft Azure PlayFab or AWS GameLift, CSE students can create engaging cloud-based gaming projects.

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