Top Ranked PG Data Science Programs- 2023

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A good course has high and well-balanced scores across all the parameters, making it at the top of the ranking.

AIM has been coming out with academic rankings for graduate courses for the last 8 years. The ranking outcomes will result from a survey, extensive secondary research, and discussions with the participating institutes. This report enlists the top full-time on-campus postgraduate programmes for Data Sciences in India for the year 2023.

This year we are releasing two separate rankings for postgraduate-level Data Science or Analytics programs based on their mode of delivery: on-campus and online/hybrid.

These courses offer value in different ways to students, who can apply to them depending on what they want to learn. A good course has high and well-balanced scores across all the parameters, making it at the top of the ranking. These rankings will help students identify the right course for them.

The report is helpful for institutes offering these programmes to understand where they stand compared to other courses and identify areas of improvement. It can also be used by the policymakers in public and private organizations to get an idea of the progress the Data Science education industry has made and then help bring in changes accordingly.

AIMResearch has conducted this survey to rank various data science and analytics programs based on their performance across five parameters — Certification Value, Return on Investment, Program Success, Teaching & Curriculum, and Student Engagement. An overall index has been calculated based on the average scores of each program across the five subindices (based on the above-mentioned parameters).

The sub-indices themselves were calculated based on the scores given to the answers (of the survey questions) asked by AIM using uniform evaluation criteria. These scores were normalised on a scale from 0 to 1 before the average for the sub-indices was taken. Outliers were capped.

You can see the hierarchy of sub-indices and the final index followed for analysis in the below infographic.

Praxis Business School’s Postgraduate Program in Data Science stands out due to its remarkable blend of academic rigor and practical industry application. With an impressive ROI, the program promises a 100% return through high placement success rates and salary hikes averaging over 110%. The institute boasts a distinguished faculty, who bring valuable industry experience and academic excellence. The curriculum is a comprehensive mix of theoretical and experiential learning, with a significant focus on real-world application through open-book exams and continuous evaluation. Group projects and assignments foster collaboration and originality, while rigorous plagiarism checks maintain integrity. The capstone projects, mentored by research-active professors and industry experts, encourage innovative solutions and often lead to noteworthy papers in prestigious international conferences. This robust educational framework, coupled with the strong alumni network, positions Praxis as a leader in data science education.

The Postgraduate Program in Applied Statistics & Analytics is acclaimed for its comprehensive and meticulously crafted curriculum, integrating theory, application, and domain-specific knowledge. The program is bolstered by collaborations with industry giants like SAS India and IDFC First Bank, which provide certifications and scholarships, enhancing the value and reach of the course. The placement cell is proactive, offering extensive training and securing top-tier industry placements, ensuring students are well-equipped for analytics roles. The curriculum, developed with input from academic and industry experts, includes practical sessions and analytics-oriented projects, fostering practical skills in software like SAS, R, Python, and Tableau. The pedagogy emphasizes applied statistics and domain-specific analytics, preparing students to tackle real-world business challenges. Continuous assessment and personalized feedback from faculty ensure a focused development of competencies. Moreover, a dedicated semester for industry internships underpins the practical learning experience.

The PGDM-BDA program is built upon a robust Assurance of Learning (AOL) framework ensuring students acquire skills directly applicable to real-life situations. The program’s strong industry connections are evidenced by collaborations with Delhivery and SAS Institute Inc., providing students with practical, hands-on experiences through case studies and real-time projects. The five-month internship, often converted into pre-placement offers, is highly regarded by data science companies, reflecting the program’s relevance and industry alignment. GIM’s NBA accreditation paves the way for global opportunities, while the alumni base facilitates ongoing career progression. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured, blending technical, managerial, and behavioural skills, with a rich selection of electives allowing personalized career targeting. Rigorous evaluation processes ensure objective assessments and continuous learning, further bolstered by a significant internship component.

The MBA-Business Analytics program at SBM, Mumbai, distinguishes itself as a premier offering in 2023 through a unique blend of rigorous academic instruction and real-world industry engagement. A substantial portion of the curriculum is delivered by experienced faculty, with 70% of the syllabus covered by core faculty emphasizing foundational subjects critical for internships and advanced learning. Industry practitioners teach a significant segment of the program, infusing current expertise and perspective into subjects such as NLP and Blockchain. The program’s structure prioritizes a techno-managerial approach, allocating 40% to analytics and 60% to management, incorporating Harvard Business School case studies and tools pertinent to the industry. With a dual focus on continuous assessment and hands-on project work judged by academic and industry professionals, the program not only fosters practical skills but also enhances employment opportunities, evidenced by a rise in internship stipends and average placement packages. These elements, combined with a robust admissions process that seeks qualified candidates with relevant backgrounds, secure its status as one of the best in 2023.

The M.Tech Data Science (Business Analytics) program at NMIMS University stands out for its rigorous selection process, strong industry collaborations, and a curriculum that blends practical experience with theoretical depth. Students are selected through a comprehensive entrance test and personal interview to ensure only the top candidates are admitted. The program boasts prestigious partnerships with international and domestic companies offering students live, paid projects that enrich their learning with hands-on application in real-world scenarios. Esteemed faculty members, including those from Virginia Tech and industry leaders like KPMG, bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. The curriculum emphasizes practical learning, with a focus on case studies and a practicum approach that encourages students to apply theory to solve business problems, enhancing retention and understanding. A mandatory six-month paid internship further prepares students for the industry, often covering their tuition fees, while robust evaluations and capstone projects evaluated by industry experts reinforce the program’s applied focus. These features collectively position NMIMS’s program as a leader in data science education.

The MBA program in Business Analytics is acclaimed due to its dynamic curriculum, which is regularly updated by industry experts and international academicians. It ensures that students are proficient in contemporary analytics tools like R, Python, SQL, and visualization software including MS-PowerBI and Tableau, alongside certifications like Bloomberg Terminal. The program is well-supported by industry-academia partnerships for specialized certifications, enhancing practical learning. Faculty members, ranging from full-time to guest lecturers, bring a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise, fostering an environment rich in mentorship and real-world application. With a strong focus on experiential learning, the program incorporates mini-projects, hackathons, and live projects into its assessment, alongside a structured placement training process. The interdisciplinary approach allows students to take electives across various specializations, providing a holistic understanding of business operations. This comprehensive education, combined with significant industry exposure, positions graduates for success in the competitive field of business analytics.

NMIMS University’s M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence stands out for AI aspirants. Characterized by its comprehensive selection process that recruits only the most proficient candidates, the program cultivates a community dedicated to academic and professional brilliance. The curriculum, designed around practical application, is taught by esteemed professors, including industry experts from Virginia Tech and corporate leaders from companies like Microsoft, ensuring that students are at the forefront of AI advancements. The course structure emphasizes hands-on learning through case studies, allowing students to retain theoretical knowledge by applying it to real-world problems. A distinctive feature is the participation in live, paid projects from international firms providing a unique opportunity for students to engage with cutting-edge industry research and applications. With a mandatory six-month paid internship, the program offers substantial professional experience.

The Masters in Business Administration (Business Analytics) at Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Development stands out due to its industry-oriented curriculum, developed with input from industry professionals, ensuring that students receive an education that is both relevant and current. The program offers practical experience through at least two live projects, which provide invaluable real-world insights. Additionally, the faculty comprises 30 industry professionals and full-time members with PhDs, blending practical and theoretical knowledge. The program’s structure is balanced, combining theoretical instruction with practical lab work. It focuses on digital transformation and AI strategy, making graduates valuable in the business sector. A case-based approach across all courses aligns teaching with the latest industry trends. The comprehensive evaluation system includes both internal and external assessments, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject matter. Students also complete an internship and a capstone project, further enhancing their practical skills. Graduates of the program demonstrate high employability.

The MSc Economics & Analytics program at Christ University stands among the top data science programs in 2023 due to its strong ROI, rigorous curriculum, and practical skill development. It integrates economic theory with proficiency in analytics tools like Python, R, Tableau, PowerBI, and Excel Analytics. The program’s relevance is maintained through partnerships with tech leaders such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, offering students hands-on experience and opportunities for internships with top firms. Collaborations with international universities and professional organizations broaden learning horizons and industry connections. A dedicated faculty with a blend of industry experience and academic prowess supports innovative learning and professional growth. The Specialization Project and internships provide immersive industry experience, ensuring graduates are equipped for the job market. A thorough admission process selects the most capable candidates, enhancing the program’s reputation and ensuring its graduates are among the best in the field.

The MSc Data Science program offered at Christ University is a comprehensive two-year journey through the heart of data science, making it an excellent choice for students eager to delve into this field. The curriculum is expertly crafted to balance rigorous academic instruction with practical application, covering advanced subjects like machine learning, big data analytics, deep learning, time series forecasting, and applied statistics. Students gain proficiency in essential tools such as Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and Hadoop, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet industry demands.The program boasts partnerships with industry leaders like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, offers collaborative research projects, and facilitates internships with top companies. The experienced faculty actively contributes to the students’ growth through mentorship and hands-on training. The program offers relevant training to ensure graduates are industry-ready. With an active learning environment that includes industrial visits, expert talks, and industry-linked projects, students not only gain knowledge but also practical experience, making them highly employable in the burgeoning field of data science.

The SCIT MBA in Data Science and Data Analytics is a comprehensive program designed for those aiming to excel in the fast-evolving field of data sciences. This two-year course offers a blend of strategic insights and operational intelligence, crucial for mastering Data Sciences and Analytics. It equips students with analytics competencies and practical experience with data science tools, preparing them for both business and techno-functional roles. The curriculum covers advanced topics like AI, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Text Analytics, ensuring students are well-versed in current industry practices. Continuous evaluation and a mix of teaching methods, including case studies and practical presentations, ensure a thorough understanding. The partnership with Celonis, Germany, for the Capstone Project further enriches the learning experience, making this program ideal for those seeking a robust education in Data Science and Analytics.

The Chitkara Business School’s Business Analytics program stands out as a comprehensive choice for students with a technical background. Structured into three curriculums – Primary, Parallel, and Personal – it offers a blend of academic knowledge and practical skills. The Primary Curriculum, developed with Ernst & Young, focuses on data-driven insights for business decisions. The Parallel Curriculum includes workshops and conclaves with industry leaders, while the Personal Curriculum emphasizes grooming and community involvement.

Strong partnerships with market leaders ensure relevant, up-to-date learning. Graduates often secure positions in top organizations. The experienced faculty, engaged in research and startups, provide practical insights, enriching the educational experience. The program includes hands-on learning with simulators and real-life cases, global internships, and diverse evaluation methods, including flexible Capstone projects. Tailored for those with backgrounds in B.Tech., MCA, or MSc. (Computer Science), it’s an ideal program for excelling in the ever-evolving field of Business Analytics.

The Data Science & Analytics program at this institution is designed to be comprehensive and interactive, bridging academia and industry needs. It integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience through a curriculum rich in seminars, workshops, and real-world projects. The program partners with various educational bodies like EduSkills and NASSCOM, providing students with seminars, webinars, workshops, and certifications that are critical for industry preparation. Internship opportunities with established companies and start-ups are part of the curriculum, allowing students to engage with real-world projects. The Analytics Society of India Kolkata Chapter, formed as part of the program, encourages learning beyond the classroom through discussions, hackathons, and competitions. The program’s commitment to practical application is further reinforced by encouraging students to undertake comprehensive data science projects, with outstanding projects receiving recognition and rewards. The faculty’s diverse experience in teaching and industry exposure, along with rich academic achievements, ensures that students are mentored by experts. With a program that balances theory and practice, it is an excellent choice for students aspiring to thrive in the fields of Data Science and Analytics.

This Business Analytics program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates four key elements: business intuition, technology, mathematics, and storytelling. This balanced approach ensures students gain a well-rounded skill set essential for analytics. The program emphasizes experiential learning, enabling students to apply their skills to solve real-world data-driven problems, aligning with industry standards and enhancing career outcomes. Its affordability provides a high return on investment. The faculty comprises full-time members and industry mentors from leading organizations. These experts, coupled with industry leaders as visiting faculty, ensure high-quality education and effective learning outcomes. The program includes practical components like a semester-long capstone project and a mandatory summer internship, fostering hands-on experience.

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