US President Biden to unveil long awaited executive order on AI next week

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The eagerly awaited executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) from the Biden administration is set to be unveiled next week, and it promises to bring substantial changes to the AI landscape in the United States. According to sources with insights into the matter, this groundbreaking order is scheduled for signing and release on Monday.

The Washington Post reported that the executive order is anticipated to mandate that advanced AI models undergo rigorous evaluations prior to their use by federal personnel.

Furthermore, it seeks to streamline the immigration process for highly skilled individuals desiring entry into the United States, with the overarching aim of enhancing the nation’s technological competitiveness.

This announcement is strategically timed, as it precedes a significant international summit in Britain where government leaders, top Silicon Valley executives, and civil society groups will convene to discuss the potential societal risks associated with AI. The administration is gearing up for the release of the order two days prior to this event.

The comprehensive executive order capitalizes on the US government’s role as a major technology consumer by instituting assessments for advanced AI models before their deployment in federal agencies.

These evaluations are expected to be central to ensuring the safe and effective utilization of AI by federal workers. Discussions about the order have involved various stakeholders who emphasize the necessity of improving national cyber defenses.

Additionally, the order includes provisions that will reduce immigration barriers for highly skilled workers, a strategic move aimed at bolstering the United States’ technological prominence.

The specific federal government agencies, such as the Defense Department, Energy Department, and intelligence agencies, will be mandated to assess how AI can be integrated into their operations, with a particular focus on enhancing national cybersecurity.

While the European Union and other governments are working on regulations to mitigate the risks associated with AI, the Biden administration’s executive order is expected to provide a solid framework for AI governance within the United States.

European officials are working toward finalizing the EU AI Act, a comprehensive package designed to protect consumers from potential AI-related hazards, with a deal expected by year-end. Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers are still in the early stages of developing bipartisan AI legislation.

Monday’s executive order is anticipated to build upon a set of voluntary commitments inked by 15 major companies, including OpenAI, Google, Adobe, and Nvidia.

These agreements, brokered by the White House in September, require these firms to develop technology capable of identifying AI-generated content, and they pledge to share safety data with the government and academic institutions. This collaborative effort between the public and private sectors underscores the importance of responsible AI development and usage in the evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

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