Why are you creeped out at Miss Minutes’ Kang lust when ‘WandaVision’ exists?

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The entire Marvel audience is talking about Miss Minutes’ unexpectedly aggressive flirtation with Jonathan Majors’ Victor Timely in the third episode of Loki’s second season. She (it?) comes onto the Kang variant rather blatantly, asking him to give her a body so they can rule over the space/time continuum together, right before she professes her undying love for the man-turned-Time-Lord.

“A nightmare!,” “Disturbing!,” “Weird!,” the crowds protest. I get it, a sentient Artificial Intelligence talking clock should not even be having those sorts of thoughts, much less voicing them, but why are we all acting like AI sex hasn’t been a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since at least 2015?

It looks like the above-average emotional and romantic writing of WandaVision has made everyone forget the “microwave” jokes that defined a generation of MCU fandom. We used to be a proper nation.

Look, I’m not saying I wasn’t uncomfortable watching Miss Minutes’ put on her most seductive Southern drawl and creepily merge with a faceless mannequin in an effort to seduce the love of her life and creator (that’s some serious Stockholm Syndrome, right there). However, I am what they call a veteran Marvel fan and I have charted these waters before.

The world might have chosen to accept Wanda and Vision as the most beautifully tragic love story in the MCU after the events of Infinity War and WandaVision, but I, like everyone who is now creeped out by Miss Minutes’ sudden horniness, have not moved on from the fact that Vision is, too, a sentient Artificial Intelligence humanoid who should not be having sex.

Call me old-fashioned, but why was it OK for Wanda to be fantasizing and manifesting actual children with a robot man? And why was Marvel happy to frame that in a serious-ish light, but Miss Minutes being (kind of) understandably infatuated with the supposed genius who created her is crossing a line?

Personally, I’m happy to get back to the original plot, where we shame both Miss Minutes and Wanda/Vision for inserting images into our brains that we would much rather live without. Similarly, if you’re a Miss Minutes hater, you better be anti-microwave-lovin’ too.

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