Will SPX Cross The 4800 Mark By End Of 2023 ? For SP:SPX By Dchua1969 – WorldNewsEra

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As an investor, I think little of it but still read it for entertainment purposes. Why? Warren Buffett the world’s best investment manager spend no time on such unproductive things but rather focusing on his proven methodology – finding companies with great economic moats along with consistent revenues, cash flows , net income amongst other criteria he has set. If you have not selected any stocks to buy for the whole of this year but invested in the SPX ETF, you would have made about 16% returns to date, beating many many stocks and other asset classes and definitely better than putting your eggs in the bank. At current price, we are witnessing another hurdle that the SPX needs to cross in order for the price to go higher. But would it retrace like the previous 3 times or breaks above and charge ahead ? I have no crystal ball and thus have no answer to that. In this aspect, I am being reactive to the market, let the price tells me where it is going (trend) and I follow it. So long the overall long term trend is bullish (yes it is), I will do fine. At the turn of each new year, there will be many who wants to take a shot in predicting the market, maybe it is in their interest to do so, like a book they are writing about , a certain theory/concept they believe in or simply the masters of destiny who predict the market based on astrology, feng shui, etc. Read it with a pinch of salt and returns to basic , I would suggest as it has been proven years after years after years. The challenge is not so much about making profits or money , I think but by how much and we humans like to compare with our neighbours. Am I doing better than you? Let the house, cars and clothing , status symbol paint the picture (how sad and shallow, imo). Such material things are transient and accumulating it does little to the soul though living in a realistic society means we need money , sometimes a lot more to afford the kind of lifestyle we want. But if the pursuit becomes overly ambitious that one compromise his health, family, relationship , is it still worth it ? We hear of stories people falling to gold scam, forex , cryptocurrency scam ,etc. The scammers will get more and more clever with AI and deepfake technologies and harder for the authorities to catch them. We as commoners must become smarter too over time and not let greed over take us so much that we fall for such traps. If I could turn back the clock , I would not have spent all my hard earned money on those useless so called branded clothes so that I “fit in” with my peers and feel accepted. Perhaps, this is a necessary path that we all must cross to grow , to learn and get back on the right path. Vicarious learning – learning from others mistake – to a certain extent I think it is tough and difficult coz one’s emotions is not at stake, the egos is not bruised and thus the lesson learnt is not personal. Only when you go through it yourself, it stinks and is painful and it wakes you up. And you decide it is enough to change. Change for the better. Let’s all enjoy the rest of the month before we turn to a brand new year, 2024 where more opportunities await us.

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