YouTube’s Upcoming AI Tool Can Replicate The Voices Of Music Artists

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Google’s interest in artificial intelligence (AI) tools has become evident with the launch of Bard chatbot, the AI-centric Pixel 8 smartphones, and other software enhancements through predictive AI. Now, under Google, YouTube is developing an AI tool that lets users mimic the voices of their favourite music artists.


As Billboard reported, the tool would allow users to incorporate the voices of their favourite musicians into their videos. Users would have to wait for a while to get access to this service, which will roll out as a beta offering to some users in the near-future.

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Currently, YouTube is in talks with record companies to carve out a mutually beneficial agreement. With this AI tool, creators on YouTube would be able to use the voice of their favourite musicians in their voices.


YouTube wanted to launch the service in September during its Made on YouTube event. Even then, record companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group are still finalising licensing deals with YouTube for the right to use voices of artists.

Such generative AI tools that can mimic the voices of other artists and well-known personalities are not finding acceptance everywhere. Many professionals are concerned about how such tools might be misused to spread misinformation or for impersonation. It could prove difficult to convince artists to board this ship, for the risks surrounding AI technologies are still high with no concrete regulations in sight.


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Just a few months ago, UMG removed a track that featured AI-generated voices imitating Drake and The Weeknd. The song took off on social media but was removed due to copyright violations.

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