AI: Tool to improve workforce or new way to work

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Despite increasing number of translation websites, interpreters’ workload higher than ever, expert says

Millions of workers around the world are concerned about their jobs because of rapid developments in artificial intelligence-based technologies.

Various AI-based products pose a risk, especially for white-collar jobs, such as design graphics, video creation, writing stories, or coding programs.

Some experts deny the dystopia by asserting that new technologies will create new jobs, such as operating printing machines instead of handwriting.

Hassan Sawaf, the CEO of a US-based AI firm aiXplain, said the number of translation websites is increasing but the workload of interpreters is not decreasing, ever higher than ever.

Thanks to technological developments, people can work at any major company in the world from anywhere today, he noted Monday during a session as part of the world’s largest tech fair, GITEX GLOBAL, in the United Arab Emirates capital of Dubai.

He said with new AI tools, users can solve problems like they never had previously.

Omar Hatamleh, chief advisor for AI and innovation at the Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA, said once the world has super-efficient intelligence, every single job that exists today must reach that level of intelligence.


Emirati Minister for AI, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, said technology has certain good applications and because of it, users are able to communicate to millions of people from devices.

AI is not negative or positive, he said, noting governments should increase awareness, reduce ignorance and ensure people are able to access AI tools.

He also said AI is a field of science based on algorithms and each algorithm is different and each one needs different regulations, such as self-driving cars.

“Some people cannot live without social media, my livelihood on social media influence, my livelihood depends on social media, this changed my life,” he noted.

The five-day GITEX fair began Monday and hosted 6,000 companies from 180 countries.

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