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Microsoft Copilot remains a protagonist in the company’s roadmap.

The growth of Microsoft Copilot is more than evident, given the full trust that Microsoft places in its Artificial Intelligence. Such is its expansion that, as recently announced by the company, Copilot will also be integrated into Stream services within SharePoint, enabling its participation in conferences held within this application of the brand’s ecosystem.

Thanks to this, Microsoft emphasizes that it will enhance the quality of life for SharePoint users through the functionalities that can be added to this system via the synergy between Stream and Copilot. In this way, the company’s Artificial Intelligence continues to gain ground, positioning itself as one of the most relevant iterations in the world of technology for the future.

As explained by Microsoft in their blog, the addition of Copilot to the Stream service through SharePoint will allow users to have an AI capable of monitoring and understanding everything that takes place during these conferences. It will comprehend the information mentioned and synthesize it in a manner similar to what was previously announced months ago in Microsoft Teams.

However, these enhancements of Copilot in Stream will take a little longer to arrive, and these functionalities are expected to roll out throughout February and March of the year 2024. Therefore, the development team is still actively working on these recently announced features.

For several weeks now, it’s evident that Microsoft has placed its future hopes in Copilot, its multitasking AI capable of providing numerous user support, assistance, and content generation services. Each passing week, we witness this AI making its way into more and more Microsoft applications and services.

Since its announcement in the early months of 2023, the company made its intentions clear regarding the scope they envision for this AI, and they’re staying true to that vision. In fact, currently, Copilot can already be utilized in applications such as Microsoft Teams, email management in Outlook, Microsoft Loop, in the Edge browser as a generative AI for what was previously Bing Chat, and more announcements are expected gradually.

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