This artificial intelligence finds specific moments in videos by searching for keywords

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Nobody forgets the iconic “One more thing…” by Steve Jobs. A tradition that began in 1998, and that extended to other Apple events up to the present. Now, you can search each of these items, but it is not the only thing that the web Context allows you to do With its powerful search engine based on artificial intelligence, you can find anything said in Apple Keynotes and other videos on the internet.

Context offers a simple premise: “Find any moment you are looking for within a large collection of audio and video.” Thus, the company plans “revolutionize the way people discover, organize and share content long-lasting” thanks to artificial intelligence.

Context extends to other videos. Among them TED Talks, Mr. Beast, Marques Brownlee and more. You just have to enter, write the phrase that occurs to you, and automatically Context’s AI will show you what the matches are in its database. On their official website, they comment that they will add “new content every week”, so the database will continue to grow.

“Context is an early-stage AI search engine built specifically for audio and video. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people discover, organize, and share full-length content.

Do you want to make your audio or video content searchable?

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We have done the test with the “One more thing” invented by Steve Jobs, and the results were quite surprising. The first happened during that event in 1999 where the father of Apple spoke the words to introduce an Apple Cinema Display.

The power of artificial intelligence in Context

The moments that Context is able to find can be traced back to 1983, at least in the case of Apple. Best of all, no matter what phrase you’re looking for, the AI will send you to the exact frame of the video where the person on the screen pronounces the words. Therefore, you can know a lot more about the context of the sentence.

If you would also like to commemorate the jewels of Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX, Context brings it to you on a silver platter. Just like with Apple, the web allows you to search for anything that has come out of the mouth of the businessmanand track the exact moment in a video.

How is Context used? Just enter your Web, and access the section in which you want to search for the phrases. Once inside, write them in the search bar and the artificial intelligence will proceed to shell the results. In addition, you can also order them according to their age.

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