Vitesco places major order for microcontrollers with Infineon –

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Powertrain supplier Vitesco Technologies has placed a major order with chipmaker Infineon worth more than one billion euros. Vitesco will use microcontrollers from Infineon’s AURIX TC4 family in its next generation of master and zone controllers for Electric Electronic Vehicle (E/E) architectures and new electrification system solutions.

In an E/E architecture, zone controllers bundle electronic and electrical connections in a local sub-area of the vehicle, which also increases cybersecurity and update capability.

“Microcontrollers are core components in our electronic systems. Our partnership with Infineon gives us the tremendous advantage of being able to define at an early stage the properties and capabilities that the future automotive microcontrollers will have. This allows us to help proactively shape the path leading to the software-defined vehicle of tomorrow,” says Thomas Stierle, member of the Executive Board of Vitesco Technologies and head of the Electrification Solutions division of Vitesco Technologies.

The multi-year agreement takes effect in 2027 and aims “to further improve the efficiency and system costs of future electrified vehicles,” the companies write in their press releases. The Aurix TC4x is the fourth generation of the Aurix microcontroller and was specifically designed “for next generation eMobility, ADAS, automotive E/E architectures and affordable artificial intelligence (AI).”

Last year, Vitesco agreed with Infineon on the supply of silicon carbide power semiconductors, though the announcement did not specify which products Vitesco would use the silicon carbide semiconductors in. However, the new partnership with Infineon also included the targeted further development of SiC devices specifically for Vitesco’s e-mobility applications.

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