Wavegarden presents AI-powered CheckMySurf video capture system

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Wavegarden, a leading manufacturer of artificial wave-generating systems, has launched CheckMySurf, a new tool that provides surf park operators and guests with unparalleled video capture, replay, editing and distribution. Utilising state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as facial recognition, the completely automated system offers a wide range of new functions for the surf park sector.

The distinctive aspect of CheckMySurf, which was created in-house to record every ride in the Reef and Bay sections of Wavegarden’s surfing lagoons, is its link to the outdoor LED screens that are placed next to the take-off area. In addition to giving surfers instant access to wave replays as they get back into the lineup — a crucial tool for honing their technique — this integration gives them real-time session information, such as wave specifics, the amount of time until the next wave, and important safety alerts for surf lagoon operations.

Additionally, operators can display sponsored content and targeted ads to further improve the user experience.

“We have been very focused on creating a practical system for surfers to review their waves and improve their ability, while delivering an intelligent and easy solution for surf park operators,” says Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden’s CEO. “Having the system connected to the wave-making machinery and large outdoor screens is by far the best option.”

A unique feature of CheckMySurf is its ability to precisely identify each surfer’s identity throughout the entire lagoon using a variety of high-end components that are outfitted with 4K professional-grade cameras and user-friendly zooming capabilities. Regarding customer service, the system creates unique clips for each wave and distributes them to each surfer right away after sessions. Customer convenience in viewing, downloading, and sharing their waves is made possible by the completely automated digital distribution technology.

Leo Fioravanti, an Italian professional surfer and WSL #9, utilised the technology to practise his first-ever backflip at Alaïa Bay in Switzerland. Backflips are a rare manoeuvre that very few surfers have ever executed. “The new video tech is really amazing, actually,” says Fioravanti. “You just review your wave on the big screen and then try to implement improvements on the next wave. It helped me get the backflip dialed, just check my Instagram.”

From a business standpoint, surf park owners can easily adopt CheckMySurf. Customers can register and pay for the service without the need for antennas or bracelets, and the system can be easily integrated into the website’s booking part. Most crucially, however, clients are not taken to external websites.

With the exception of the LED screens, all of the equipment and software are provided and installed without needing any capital outlay from the operators, saving them valuable time and money. The revenue share arrangement, which forms the basis of the business model, is straightforward and cost-effective.

Wavegarden is now installing its comprehensive and fully integrated solution in all upcoming Wavegarden projects. Wavegarden has thoroughly tested the system at its demo centre and at Alaïa Bay and makes certain it functions in line with GDPR data protection requirements.

“We have worked hand-in-hand with Wavegarden to install and develop CheckMySurf over the past 12 months”, says Pauline Clerc, head of sports at Alaia Bay, Switzerland. “The technology – with its AI powered big screen replays and downloadable videos – is bringing a new dimension of analysis to all of our customers, from beginners all the way through to pro surfers.”

Odriozola adds: “Currently, we are developing an automated biomechanical 3D coaching tool. The AI breaks down the motion of the surfer’s body to extract structured data from each video frame. It analyzes the biomechanics of surfing maneuvers and offers valuable improvement recommendations.”

Wavegarden is working on a new project in Madrid, Spain, set to open in 2025. A collaboration between Atlético de Madrid, Stoneweg, and Teras Capital, this will be Europe’s most significant surf park, featuring the continent’s biggest urban beach and world-class surfing waves.

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